Rose Maxwell Child Psychotherapist

Rose Maxwell Child Psychotherapist

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Therapist Rose Maxwell

Rose is a very experienced therapist and has a private practice at Fiveways Brighton. Rose has experience with a wide range of problems and children’s worries, from shyness or low confidence, academic or friendship troubles, difficulties in family relationships, divorce and bereavement, to eating disorders and medical problems. Rose can help children who have sadly experienced sexual or physical abuse.  She can help with behavioural problems such as defiant and challenging behaviour. She is also skilled in supporting parents and foster carers to manage problem behaviours.  Her aim is to help children to make the most of their lives and opportunities.

About Child Psychotherapy

This is a flexible, supportive way of working to help children and young people with the things that trouble them using play and the relationship with the therapist. The approach used is Humanistic: this means discovering together and focusing on the child’s strengths too.

A trusting relationship

It can help to share worries with a warm and trusted person and to feel supported.

Using the arts

There is a range of art materials available if the child or young person wishes to use creative media. Therapy can include drawings paintings craftwork, movement and drama with puppets and figures or clay to help a child or young person to express feelings safely and explore inner thoughts. But there is no pressure to do artwork:

And sometimes we just talk

Listening to the child and young person can be what helps the most.

Child or young person leads

Therapy is led by the child or young person’s interests and concerns and at the pace that is right for them.Children in Park

Weekly sessions

Therapy takes place for 50 minutes usually once a week. There would be an initial consultation of perhaps 2 or 3 sessions for the parents and the child or young person to explore their concerns. Then the sessions would be arranged.

Keeping in touch with parents

The therapist sometimes sees the parents too and keeps in regular contact with them. The details of the child or young person’s therapy would be confidential but general themes could be shared. It can help for the therapist to be in touch with other people such as teachers.

Family Sessions

Sometimes it helps to meet with the young person and their parents and their family and the therapist will do family work as needed.

Professional Qualifications and experience

Rose is a UKCP registered Child Psychotherapist. Rose has worked with children for over 35 years in a variety of settings supporting children in their families and with foster and adoptive families, as well as a therapist at the children’s hospital in Brighton.

Rose works as an independent Child Psychotherapist and is also a registered Psychotherapy supervisor.  Rose works part- time for ISP a therapeutic fostering agency and has a thriving private practice at her consulting rooms in Brighton. She is an approved therapy provider for Adoption South East, and has worked with children and young people and their families affected by adoption, special guardianship and fostering. Rose supervises practitioners in a number of settings including schools and specialist agencies providing support to children and their families, and is a member of a fostering panel.

She trained at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education, a humanistic course working with the arts with children and young people. Rose also has a social work qualification and a family therapy qualification and has training in Gestalt therapy She has an MSW Master in Social Work, from the University of Sussex and a PQ professional social work qualification. Rose has in the past, been associate lecturer for the social work training course at the University of Sussex.

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires every organisation that processes personal information to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), unless they are exempt. This is Rose’s registration number: ZA349402 and a link to the register.

Get in Touch

This was written by Rose and you can contact her here.