Michele Karban


I have over twenty year’s experience in the caring profession and have been working as a therapist for more than fifteen years.  Before  training as a psychotherapist, I worked as a residential social worker in a children’s home for adolescent girls.

Female portrait: Michel Karban
Therapist: Michele Karban

I then later worked as an assistant therapist in a private psychiatric unit working with adults  and young people. While training as a psychotherapist I worked for CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health service).  During this time I also worked part time as therapist for a young person’s sexual advice service.

When I moved to Brighton eighteen years ago I worked for several years as a support worker  providing cover to private children’s home’s as well as council run. During this time I also worked part time, as an outreach therapist for the Dolphin House Children’s Clinic. This work involved the setting up and establishing a therapy service in several junior schools and an infant school in the Brighton area. From  2004 I have been based at the Dolphin House Children’s Clinic in New Road in Brighton where I see Children and young people for individual therapy.  I also offer parent and child therapy.

I have also worked as a therapist at the Brighton Oasis Project, where I provided therapy to children and young people who were from families of substance misuse and the Sussex Central YMCA where I set up and ran a counselling service for young people who were living in foster care/residential care or who were care leavers.


I have a Diploma in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy (IATE) and a Diploma in Integrative Child Psychotherapy (IATE) and am registered on both the adult and child registers on the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) I also hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy EAP  and remain a  registered member of the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education

Recent work 

I have worked in private practice in Hove and at the Brighton Therapy Centre.  My recent work also includes the setting up and the managing of Dolphin House School Counselling Service which provides a counselling service in primary schools in Brighton and Hove. As a supervisor I worked freelance for Kids Company and saw supervises from my private practice.

The information here is a brief overview of my professional history and experience.  If you are interested in  therapy or supervision  or have some questions, you can contact me directly here.