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Brighton Therapy Service: News and Views

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Welcome to Brighton Therapy Service!

We launched Brighton Therapy Service in April 2012 and so far, we are pleased with the response we have had to the site and the services we offer.  We are always keen to hear from our visitors whether it is to say hello, give us some ideas or to arrange therapy for yourself or your child.  We specialise in providing therapy for children and young people but we can help you with a range of difficulties whether you are a child or an adult.  If you are here considering us for therapy and you are not sure whether we are the right service for you, please do get in touch.  We can  advise you  and always suggest  other options which we think could be helpful.
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What is Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy ?(EMDR)

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Having added EMDR therapy to my psychotherapy practice and seeing first hand the positive results it is achieving with clients. I wanted to share some brief information on this specific therapy so here goes!

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing. It is a unique, powerful therapy that helps people recover from problems triggered by traumatic events in their lives. It stops difficult memories causing so much distress by helping the brain to reprocess them properly, working with memory to heal the legacy of past pain” (EMDR Association UK)

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Terrible twos and a new baby

Terrible Twos Toddler

As my own family has increased through the next generation I have had the opportunity to reflect n sibling rivalry. Managing the impact on the toddler of the newborn baby can be one of the hardest tasks for parents. Intense jealousy is a new feeling for the toddler and can be expressed in a destructive rage which is confusing and hurtful for mum and dad. This can bring on the, “Terrible Twos!”

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The Cost of Living

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The idea of the Cost of Living is prominent in the media currently and for many people, it is at a crisis level. I heard a journalist recently say that the idea of a Cost of Living Crisis is explained inadequately in the short snappy phrase which may partly, be the consequence of journalistic word length limits!  We have had Cost of Living pressures for as long as I can remember but I don’t ever recall it being deemed a crisis.

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Should We be Afraid? Look After Yourself

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There seems to be a daily headline these days to make us fear something. We hear of COVID-19 deaths and infection rates, we are told of high risk groups and advised how to keep ourselves safe. There are stories of people in distress and those irresponsibly stock-piling.

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The three secrets of resilient people

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In a world which feels as though it is currently spinning off its axis. I’m finding TED talks a good tonic! This is a great talk given by Dr Lucy Hone, a resilience expert, she talks clearly from her education on the subject but also from her personal experience. Could you be more of a resilient person?

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