Pineapple Support Charity: an Introduction

It’s been a very long time since I sat down and wrote a blog! I have actively been involved with this amazing charity since it started in 2018 and it feels apt for me to sit for a while to promote and endorse it.

Group of happy men and women

It was initiated by my good friend Leya Tanit who had the idea after attending XBIZ and AVN award shows in the US in January 2018. She was very much affected by the news that so many people in the adult industry had lost their lives to suicide. She took it upon herself to create Pineapple Support a charity specialising in offering free support and subsidised therapy services to all people working in the online adult industry.

Not knowing very much about this profession when I started in 2018. It has been a great learning curve and continues to be a wonderful experience. I have since, worked as an online therapist for Pineapple Support for over four years.

I think one of the key aspects of this organisation is the very fact it is a specialised service. This has helped enormously in taking away some of the obstacles for people wanting to access therapy and support for themselves. It clears the path for people to feel safe to talk about their work ( if they choose to) without the worry of feeling they may be judged or stigmatised.

Twinned with identifying itself as a specialist service, Leya Tanit’s goal in setting up Pineapple Support was to make sure the therapy sessions were affordable to everyone. Getting sponsorship and donations from companies involved in the industry has been pivotal ensuring this is possible. This means that anyone applying for therapy can choose the amount they can afford to pay per session. The remainder of the fee is then subsidised by Pineapple Support.

The therapy team has grown significantly over the years with therapists working from many different locations over the world. It is made up of qualified and experienced counsellors, coaches, social workers and psychotherapists all of whom are sex- worker friendly and kink aware.

This is just an introduction to Pineapple Support (and a great reason to get me writing again!) – but If you would like to read more about the services they provide you can do that here: Pineapple Support