Tangible Rewards

Half-Term: Tangible Rewards for Parents and Children

In half term week it is important to have a positive approach to boundaries so that everyone including the parents can relax. School Holidays are great for children and can bring some terrific opportunities for honing those parenting skills!   At the same time, it can bring challenges with the interruption to a busy work or home life and constant contact with the children who are used to all that stimulation that school life can offer.

Here are some ideas that might help get the most out of the time:

Tangible Rewards

Smiling child
I helped out!
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  • Define appropriate child behaviour clearly
  • Make the steps small
  • Gradually increase the challenge
  • Don’t make programs too complex — choose one or two behaviours to start
  • Focus on positive behaviours
  • Choose inexpensive rewards
  • Have daily rewards
  • Involve your child in choosing rewards
  • Get the appropriate behaviour first, then reward
  • Reward everyday achievements
  • Gradually replace rewards with social approval
  • Be clear and specific about rewards
  • Have a varied menu
  • Show your child you expect success
  • Don’t mix rewards with punishment
  • Consistently monitor the reward program


  • Catch your child being good — don’t save praise for perfect behaviour
  • Don’t worry about spoiling your children with praise
  • Increase praise for difficult children
  • Model self-praise
  • Give labelled and specific praise
  • Make praise contingent on behaviour
  • Praise with smiles, eye contact and enthusiasm
  • Give positive praise
  • Give pats and hugs and kisses along with praise
  • Use praise consistently
  • Praise in front of other people
Smiling Child
Consistent Rewards
photo credit: Enokson

This material is adapted from  The Incredible Years by Carolyn Webster-Stratton Ph.D

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