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Brighton Therapy Service: News and Views

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Welcome to Brighton Therapy Service!

We launched Brighton Therapy Service in April 2012 and so far, we are pleased with the response we have had to the site and the services we offer.  We are always keen to hear from our visitors whether it is to say hello, give us some ideas or to arrange therapy for yourself or your child.  We specialise in providing therapy for children and young people but we can help you with a range of difficulties whether you are a child or an adult.  If you are here considering us for therapy and you are not sure whether we are the right service for you, please do get in touch.  We can  advise you  and always suggest  other options which we think could be helpful.

Is it For Everyone?

Well, we think our website is for everyone and anyone and we think that psychotherapy can benefit many people in many ways.  Some people may want  long term therapy or  others may want   some shorter term work focusing on a particular issue with Michele or Rose.  You might have reached a bit of a tough patch in a relationship or be struggling with self-confidence; it could be  problems at work knocking your confidence or maybe you have some tough decisions to make and need to find some quiet, safe space to reflect.    We can also  provide  Parent and Child therapy where appropriate and  are able to offer individual consultations  in dealing with particular issues within your family.  Get in touch with us, and let us know what you think you need and we will try to tailor therapy to suit you.  If it isn’t for you there will be no pressure from us to try to persuade you!

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and Child Psychotherapy

Our main focus is Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and Child Psychotherapy. We might do the occasional book review or offer our thoughts on a current issue. Or let you know about  something which we feel is relevant that  is  happening in Brighton and Hove.

You may be here to find out a bit more about therapy in general, or Integrative Arts Psychotherapy in particular or to inquire about arranging therapy. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask and get in touch through the contact page.


You might be here as a  therapist or a trainee therapist  looking for supervision.  If this  is the case, both Rose and Michele are experienced in  providing  supervision to  therapists, trainee therapists  and other practitioners working in the helping profession.  We are passionate about the role of psychotherapy and the difference it can make so we are keen   to offer support and learning in helping you develop your career.

Get in Touch

This was written by Michele and you can contact her here.