Second Day of Christmas

Two Turtle Doves : Balancing Feasting and Friendship

In this series of items the Twelve Days of Christmas traditional song is used to find inspiration for some Christmas Musings.

two turtle doves
Balancing Feasting and Friendship
photo credit: patries71

Family Warmth

For all of us when we think of the Christmas holiday we think of all the treats: chocolates, nuts, dried fruit, drink and fantastic food on Christmas day. Christmas is also the feast of Stephen in the “bleak mid-winter.” We all want it to snow and to be inside warm houses where we can truly indulge the family and ourselves. But for many the too much is also a worry-weight, excess alcohol and health worries, feeling grim the next day, financial worries, perhaps the teenagers drinking. Are the children getting hyper on sugar?

Have we lost some balance here? “Good king Wenceslas looked out” and saw the poor man inviting him to share in the feast. Despite tremendous levels of giving through the year with things like Children in Need, I wonder if we miss individual acts of charity towards those nearby? For some, working in a day centre or volunteering with the homeless becomes a central part of this season.

Can the idea of the two turtle doves stand for friendship and inspire balance? Could we find their harmony in sharing and giving, looking out of the window noticing that others may be cold outside , as inside to the warmth of our homes?

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