First Day of Christmas

A partridge in a pear tree: The quiet heart of the family

In this series of items the Twelve Days of Christmas traditional song is used to find inspiration for some Christmas Musings.

partridge in a pear tree
Being Still Together
photo credit: rubyblossom.

A partridge and a pear tree makes me think of something simple. Perhaps of two things that coexist but do not have to do any more than be themselves and be still. Could this be what we need at Christmas? Instead we all seem in such a rush, overtired and struggling to create the perfect Christmas.

Ultimate Fun, Family Time

Time off work, time to be together, families travelling to be with each other and enjoying a big celebration with traditional Christmas dinner, surely Christmas is the ultimate fun family time?

Yet the image we have of the perfect Christmas when family come together and join in a ritual can be such a pressure and so difficult to achieve. Many of us struggle with grumpy kids not to mention grumpy adults! It seems the advertiser’s neatly wrapped, glitzy image can highlight family tensions at times and render our Christmas as the “Also Ran.”

What about those who are separated; suffering divorce, illness or other dislocations – it can feel like you are outside looking into warm, lit scenes, unable to find the warmth at home, missing people or alone. The Christmas card images of Mistletoe love, Santa generosity, the warmth and lights in hearts, singing and believing in a faith, and the best meal ever seems to create impossible expectations for the family. Does Santa really only come if the children have been good? Expectations now so high, do the adults have to strive to create this, working harder than ever to reach and create the magical ideal?

Take the Pressure Off

Let’s try to take the pressure off the families, it does not have to be the biggest spend of the year, the best presents ever, the most perfect of days but something can be magical in accepting each other and perhaps finding simple pleasures together. A game, a song, a family ritual, and to reach out with generosity in spite of everything that might be difficult, Christmas does not have to be perfect but it is ours to make of what we will together. Perhaps the first day of Christmas will be the simple pleasures, a partridge in a pear tree, sharing a quiet and simple appreciation of each other and accepting difference might be the best gift after all?

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Michele and Rose Wish You All a very Happy Christmas!