Eleventh Day of Christmas

Eleven Pipers Piping: Melody Bringing Harmony.

In this series of items the Twelve Days of Christmas traditional song is used to find inspiration for some Christmas Musings.

Keeping in Tune

children playing recorders
Music for Harmony
photo credit: Niels Linneberg

The gift of eleven pipers piping might not be everyone’s idea of a fun present especially if they are not in tune or don’t know when to stop! But if they can play a sweet melody it could be delightful, adding to the warm and cosy atmosphere we anticipate and hope for.

Harmony in the Bustle

Are you wondering how to find this harmony in the bustle of family life? Talking and listening to each other and each person having an equal say is the hardest thing to achieve . Perhaps one of the children finds it very hard to have a voice , or another is very loud and demanding and no-one else gets to pipe up? Are you struggling to make your voice heard against the TV and computer game noises, the electronic cackle of the latest Christmas presents? The harmony has to have melodic pauses between the notes otherwise it is overwhelming and exhausting.

Being and Feeling Tuneful

Being in Tune through empathy At Brighton Therapy service we often try to help families to voice some of their more difficult or darker thoughts, perhaps one of the children is not happy in school or with friends, or feels overshadowed by another child. Helping a family member who is feeling down or sad can feel so hard, but sometimes what helps more than any clever strategy is just another person to understand and let them know they are understood. But just to empathise can help the person to find more strength or shift a pattern that has been stuck. Feeling in tune through talking things through just makes us feel better.

Playing together with the harsh notes of conflict and argument could be like the players just getting louder and louder, clashing loudly but missing the tune. When family members are playing more softly, allowing space for each person to be heard, there is greater potential for agreement through negotiation. So the gift of 11 pipers piping reminds us to listen sympathetically and to make sure each person’s voice can pipe up and find a family harmony.

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