Online Therapy and Consultation Sessions

Online Therapy

Michele is now also able to provide online therapy for adults and teenagers. Online therapy is a great alternative for people who choose /prefer (for many reasons)  not to have their therapy sessions in a physical therapy.woman at computer

Reasons for choosing online therapy

People may choose this way of working as they are living in an area in the UK where it may difficult to find a therapist, or they may be living in another country, other reasons maybe it is too challenging to leave the home due to mobility issues or available time is very restricted. Online therapy can also be a great stepping stone for people wanting therapy but who are feeling too overwhelmed / depressed or anxious to make the journey to the physical therapy space. As well as the reasons cited above teenagers in particular may also prefer online therapy as they are generally more experienced and comfortable in using this mode of communication.

Online parent/carer consultation sessions

Michele will also be using online video connection for parents/carers wanting to book a consultation session to discuss any concerns or worries they may have about their child or teenager. This has always been a part of her work as a child psychotherapist, as parents often just need a confidential space to talk about any concerns they may have about their children. This may be connected to life changes such as separation/divorce, bereavement or there may just be a general concern and worry about their child’s behaviour and want a supportive space to explore ideas and approaches to support their child and themselves.

Video connection via StillPoint Spaces

Michele has joined StillPoint Spaces which provides a safe and fully encrypted video connection. Michele’s profile is listed on the counsellor listings and she can be booked through StillPoint Spaces for a free initial discussion to explore if online therapy is the best approach for the person’s needs. Payment for the online therapy sessions and consultation sessions is also made via the secure payment system at StillPoint Spaces. If you have any questions re online therapy please contact Michele via her StillPoint profile or alternatively use the contact form on Brighton Therapy Service website.