Should We be Afraid? Look After Yourself

There seems to be a daily headline these days to make us fear something. We hear of COVID-19 deaths and infection rates, we are told of high risk groups and advised how to keep ourselves safe. There are stories of people in distress and those irresponsibly stock-piling.

woman with face mask and umberella
Should we be afraid? Photo by tam wai on Unsplash

Plenty to Worry About

When you think about it, even before news about the Coronavirus broke, there was plenty to worry about and most of us, managed well. People generally, have an ability to cope with the things that life throws at us but what happens when it gets a bit too much?

Look After Yourself

Some of the things that cause anxiety will be the unpredictable, the sudden and unplanned things and those where it appears you have no control. I think wherever you get advice from in these situations there are few that would deviate from the need to look after yourself. The stronger you are, the better you will cope with physical and emotional adversity.

It might also be helpful to try to think through the things that concern you. How long will it last? What can you do to help deal with it? Sometimes, breaking a bigger problem down and dealing with the component parts can be reassuring.

I was prompted to write along these lines after reading this post on Psychology Tools. There is a link on that page to a short and useful guide on, “Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty.” Here’s the link. I hope you find it useful.