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Brighton Therapy Service: News and Views

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Welcome to Brighton Therapy Service!

We launched Brighton Therapy Service in April 2012 and so far, we are pleased with the response we have had to the site and the services we offer.  We are always keen to hear from our visitors whether it is to say hello, give us some ideas or to arrange therapy for yourself or your child.  We specialise in providing therapy for children and young people but we can help you with a range of difficulties whether you are a child or an adult.  If you are here considering us for therapy and you are not sure whether we are the right service for you, please do get in touch.  We can  advise you  and always suggest  other options which we think could be helpful.
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Managing emotional storms in your child Part 4

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Rainy days in half term –  working out what is wrong

Oh no! After a fantastic sunny weekend it is raining again. You probably want to get on with some things at home.  is your child whining or arguing with a sibling?  Children always act out rather than work it out.  It is our job as adults to try to make sense of the behaviour.  It is very helpful in doing this to think of children’s problem behaviour as a communication and ask yourself, “What question is my child asking me by being so difficult today?” Read More»

Tangible Rewards

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Half-Term: Tangible Rewards for Parents and Children

In half term week it is important to have a positive approach to boundaries so that everyone including the parents can relax. School Holidays are great for children and can bring some terrific opportunities for honing those parenting skills!   At the same time, it can bring challenges with the interruption to a busy work or home life and constant contact with the children who are used to all that stimulation that school life can offer. Read More»

Does Diagnosis Matter?

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What’s in a Name: Does Diagnosis Matter?

I wonder if you recognise these words, “Tis but thy name that is my enemy?” Probably not. How about this line, “…That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?”

Of course, now we’re getting warmer! That is Shakespeare’s Juliet speaking about her beloved Romeo. She has been brought up to believe that anyone with the name Montague is bad but she is questioning this and making up her own mind about the man. She concludes that whatever his name, he would still be the same person she loves. Read More»

Managing emotional storms in your child part 3


 Why  teenagers are like spring bulbs

Rose and Michele  have been thinking about how bulbs really do all the growing when you are not looking and you have to endure the long hard winter with frozen ground floods horrible winds just like we have been having here this year! Then when you have forgotten how horrible it all was out comes the sweetest flower.  So  all the work you put in to make the soil fertile can lead to the bulb being healthy and ready to shoot. Read More»

Managing emotional storms in your child part 2

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This week, Rose gives some helpful tips in setting boundaries with children.

 Setting Limits

Children need structure and to know clearly what is expected of them.  Here are some helpful hints about how to keep the communication clear open and supportive whilst saying “no”. Limits are likely to create anger in the child but these hints can help them to learn to manage their feelings well and  help keep the parents calm and in control. Read More»