Chirstmas Tips

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Got Christmas Wrapped up?

Much as we would love it to be, Christmas isn’t always all fun and games.  We have a series of brief posts coming soon inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas but in the mean time, take a look at these two helpful articles on the Young Minds web site giving friendly advice on support for children over Christmas as well as support for parents too.  Read on to get the links and to see brief extracts from the posts. Read More»

Before and After

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Living Before and After

Life is full of Before and Afters; it really is a whole collection of transitions and how we manage these will in turn determine how we cope. We have all seen those before and after photographs to do with dieting, cosmetic surgery, injuries and disasters.  We have admired photographs of hair cuts, new clothes and gardens in bloom and hopefully not in the disaster category, you’ve taken some photographs of your DIY projects! Sometimes these transitions are full of sadness such as a bereavement or other loss. We remember with regret how we were before an event and can struggle to resolve the associated pain. At times the after period can generate hope and optimism such as when we learn new skills get a new job or come into some money. Even the process of ageing is a whole series of before and afters and can bring a mixture of feelings and sometimes a few aches and pains.

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When Does Adolescence Begin and End?

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Adolescence: New Guidelines for UK Psychologists

It has been reported recently that UK Psychologists are being given new guidelines relating to Adolescence.  It contradicts our existing idea that the transition to adulthood occurs at the age of 18 and that now, this should be considered to be age 25.  We could have plenty of discussion about this point and it would be interesting to hear how some younger people feel about this.  I certainly recall my own earlier years as feeling like a dash to “grow up,” to become an adult with all the relative fringe benefits that might bring, being able to do all those grown-up activities lawfully!  Read More»

Balance Your Emotional Books


Age of Austerity

We hear a lot about austerity these days and mostly, we know that it relates to the government cutting back on spending in a way that few of us have experienced before.  The grand themes of cut-backs, fiscal policy, debt measured in billions and so on resonate with us all as we each try to balance our own books so that our personal spending as close as we can, matches our incomes.  Not always easy!
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