Chirstmas Tips

Got Christmas Wrapped up?

Much as we would love it to be, Christmas isn’t always all fun and games.  We have a series of brief posts coming soon inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas but in the mean time, take a look at these two helpful articles on the Young Minds web site giving friendly advice on support for children over Christmas as well as support for parents too.  Read on to get the links and to see brief extracts from the posts.

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Christmas all Wrapped up?

Advice for Supporting the Kids

Set holiday boundaries around xbox, computer, games, phones at the start of the holidays, so everyone knows what they are allowed to do.
Agree ahead of time what jobs you will need help with, so it’s not a horrible surprise if you ask your child to help with clearing up, but they want to be playing on their new phone.
If you are in a one-parent or step-family, make a list of who needs to see who and agree it in advance so people don’t feel let down. If contact isn’t possible for whatever reason, set a time to ring or Skype.

The article about Supporting children at Christmas recognises that expectations are high when we are looking for the “Perfect family Christmas.”  It’s not always clear what the perfect family is but the advice is pretty clear.

Advice for Parents

So, in order to deal with it, it’s best to get back to basics. You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas isn’t about presents but rather about re-connecting to people. Sure that can be a challenge, but that’s family: delight mixed with that familiar old frustration. In order to face the delights and frustrations of the big day or days, make sure your batteries are charged sufficiently before them.

Parenting can be tough at the best of times but with the Festive Season in full swing and our desire to give the family a good time, make a little time for yourself too!  The advice here might help you with that.

The Young Minds web site.

After Christmas

If you think that we can help with your family difficulties please do get in touch.  Maybe in the New Year, you find the determination to tackle any of those hard-to-deal-with battles you have with yourself or with other.

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