Summer Holidays


School Holidays

The majority of schools are breaking up this week for the Summer Holidays. This time of year can be particularly difficult for young people and their families. A change in the routine can be unsettling and   some young people may experience anxiety in the following weeks due to the changes the new term will bring, especially if this involves changing school. Read More»

News and Views

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Welcome to the Web Site!

The web site was launched today (23 April 2012) without any fuss or fanfare.  It’s a pity really, because it takes such a lot of time and planning that it feels like it deserves some form of celebration.  The main driver for the site is of course, to promote Brighton Therapy Service and let people know more about what we do and to give a way for people to get in touch.  Over time, more content will be posted and the intention is to build up a useful source of information. The focus will be on Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and therapy and counseling in general as well as other topics.  Maybe tips on parenting or some guidance on particular problems. I might do the occasional book review or mini essay or here in the News section, just offer up some local chit-chat about me, psychotherapy and Brighton and Hove. Read More»