Invisible String

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Invisible String – Establishing Safety for children

This series is inspired by Rose’s reading of a children’s book called Invisible String about helping children to feel safe and attached by Patrice Karst. It seems helpful to think about the ideas in this book when the child or young person is starting a new school as we are at the beginning of a new school year with many transitions, new teachers, new friends and difficult challenges to face.

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Children, Young People and Sleep

Young chlid sleeping comfortably

Sleep Advice

Sleep; we all need it and to not get the good quality stuff can lead to all kinds of problems.  No wonder we think about children, young people and sleep.  We want our children to get the best sleep they can so they wake up refreshed and ready for what the day throws at them.  On top of that, parents need good sleep too!  Having a child that unsettles your day or night because of sleeping habits or patterns that are out of kilter can be challenging and that’s why Rose Maxwell answers a few sleep based questions here.  Let us know through the comments below or even use our contact form if you have any other questions. Read More»

Why do We Cry

tears on face

Why do We Cry and What use are Tears?

You would think the answer to the question was simple: we cry when we are sad.  But it isn’t quite as straightforward as all that in fact, it is complexity is er… eye watering!  Take a look at this entertaining video to learn more. Read More»

Serious Play

child with face painted looking serious

The seriousness of childishness

We often think of play as a childish activity which makes us think of spontaneity and impulsivity, or activity that is unstructured and free but I want to suggest that it’s nothing trivial and consider just how serious play can be. Our expression, “child’s play,” makes me think that we think play is an easy business but in reality, when our children play they are engaged in activities that will help them through life in a number of ways.  It’s not just about burning energy or keeping them occupied; it might just be the cement that helps construct well rounded personalities from the building blocks of learning. Read More»

Brighton and Hove Success Measures

school children and teachers celebrating

GCSE figures provide Brighton and Hove Success Measure

So Brighton and Hove is in the news this month for the success of its children as official figures are released in relation to their hard work in their GCSEs which they celebrated in August 2013.  This is not so much a measure of the city’s success because the achievement lies with the children who have a applied themselves at school and to the dedicated army of teachers who educate and lead them along with the parents, other carers and families who support teacher and pupil along the way. Read More»